The Daily Digital Lock Dissenter, Day 51: Canadian Music Creators Coalition

When speaking on Bill C-11 in the House of Commons on Monday, NDP MP Andrew Cash, a musician, noted that several years ago he traveled to Ottawa to talk copyright together with other musicians such as Brendan Canning from the Broken Social Scene and Steven Page from the Barenaked Ladies. The musicians were part of the Canadian Music Creators Coalition, which brought together some of Canada’s best known musicians. In their submission to the 2009 national copyright consultation, they said the following about digital locks:

We believe anti-circumvention measures encourage and support the use of digital locks and litigation against music fans. Thus, we oppose the inclusion of such measures in legislative reform. Copyright laws must accommodate the interests of Canadian music creators. We support our fans’ legitimate interests in having a say in how they enjoy our music, and policy decisions should take this into account. Policies that fail to accommodate such interests should be rejected.

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One Comment

  1. Again, at least in this instance, it is not the artists who want to impede user rights but the industry. It seems artists understand what their fans want instead of the stockholders.