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Government Announces Plan to Drop Twitter Ban on Posting Early Election Results

Tim Uppal, the Minister of State for Democratic Reform, just announced via Twitter that the government plans to introduce legislation repealing sections of the Election Act that create a ban on communicating election results before all polls have closed across the country. The change reflects the reality of modern communications […]

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January 13, 2012 8 comments News

James Joyce and the Public Domain

The New Yorker examines the entry of James Joyce’s works into the public domain in Europe (Joyce entered the public domain in Canada twenty years ago), demonstrating why the issue is about far more than free access to books.

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January 13, 2012 Comments are Disabled News

Number of CRTC Net Neutrality Complaints Accelerating

Sarah Schmidt of Postmedia reports that net neutrality complaints to the CRTC have accelerated over the past six months.

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“The best way in the history of mankind for a writer to earn money”

Author Joe Konrath, who is earning $3,500 per day from selling e-books on Amazon, highlights the benefits of self-publishing.

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