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U.S. Report on IP Shows How Small “Big Content” Really Is

Ars Technica has an excellent analysis of a new U.S. government report that has been trumpeted by the movie and music industries as evidence of the importance of the IP economy. Upon closer inspection, the vast majority of the “IP economy” refers to trademark rights including residential construction and grocery industries. The copyright industries are far smaller with IT and software firms employing four times as many people as the movie and music industries.


  1. That’s not true!!!!!
    The Movie and Music Industries employ Billions, no Trillions of people. They are the most biggest employement provider of the entire world!!!!!!.

    [for those who did not get this… it was a joke]

  2. Tech companies HIRING artists & creators …

    It seems big content has another worry, rather than young artistic types flocking to Hollywood or New York they are instead packing their bags for Silicon Valley. Not only is big media loosing eyeballs of the younger demographics, but the brains too.

    Take away? Large incumbent industries once again fail to be nimble enough to cope with technological change, crying foul while grafting their final days.

    Buggy whips & baby bumpers …