Japan Considering Copyright Term Extension, Canada Next?

The Japanese government is reportedly considering extending its term of copyright protection from the international standard of life plus 50 years to life plus 70 years as required by drafts of the Trans Pacific Partnership. The issue seems likely to similarly arise in Canada, which also maintains a life plus 50 years approach.

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  1. Mickey Mouse
    That is all.

  2. The House of Mouse – now also the House of Lucas and Marvel Ideas – would seem to be at the root of this. As well as its competitors. Distressing.

  3. Can someone tell me the reasoning behind extending copyright for that long? I don’t think patents last as long do they?

  4. reason for extension
    I suspect the reasoning would be to try to keep creative industries in Canada. If other jurisdictions have longer copyright which we don’t respect, then businesses have significant motivation to NOT do creative work here. Doing so could cost them an additional 20 years of royalties globally, because LIFE+70 countries may only be LIFE+50 when dealing with authors from LIFE+50 countries. I’m not sure about the specifics of any national copyright laws, but I do know that Berne allows for this sort of reciprocal treatment.

    So it is a race to the bottom to see what country can come up with the most socially destructive and industry friendly laws they can. The only question in my mind, is why is this process as slow as it is?

  5. The reason for the extension is because the U.S. said so and we are their bitch.. especially when it comes to copyright law.

  6. I submit that any title that is out of print for more than 20 years should automatically become public domain.

  7. Also all artists employed for the creation of these ever-extending copyrighted works should be paid their regular wages for life + 50 (or 70) years.

  8. Being a non-artist, I’d be ok with just my CPP pension for life + 50 years. With the 50 years part being paid as an installment when I retire. I’m all for extending this to 70 if the government wants so.

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