Canadian Bar Association Releases Recommended Reforms For Bill C-13

With Justice Minister Peter McKay insistent that the government will not be splitting Bill C-13 into the lawful access and cyber-bullying components, the Canadian Bar Association heads to Parliament hill today to appear before the Justice Committee to discuss the bill. The CBA’s submission features 19 recommendations, including the need for “an independent comprehensive review of privacy interests in the context of electronic investigations.” That call echoes an NDP recommendation for a similar independent review.  The brief also includes other recommendations for lawful access reform, such as raising the threshold for a transmission data warrant and establishing additional limitations on preservation orders.


  1. What kind of twisted logic does the Harper government apply when it cancels the long form census yet happily increases warrantless surveillance of its citizens…

  2. Another attempt?
    They just keep hammering these spying bills into the House.. When will the day come when it’s buried so deep even you don’t notice, prof. Geist? That will be a frightening day.

    What do we do though? I don’t mean that rhetorically either. What pragmatic solution would allow for a permanent redoubt against efforts to convert Canada into a police technocracy?