Trump International Beach Resort by Leigh Caldwell (CC BY 2.0)

Trump International Beach Resort by Leigh Caldwell (CC BY 2.0)


Canadian Privacy in the Age of Trump

Last night I appeared on TVO’s The Agenda with Steve Paikin to discuss privacy issues in light of the Trump Executive Order that eliminates Privacy Act protections for non-U.S. citizens or permanent residents. A video of the discussion is embedded below.


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  3. Devil's Advocate says:

    I see no evidence that any of the spying activities that were revealed to us, anywhere in the world, have been discontinued.

    There has been lots of discussion, mostly by citizens and online sites, and lots of placating banter from the politicians, and even a few courts pronouncing activities as being “illegal” and/or “unconstitutional”, but no talks of dismantling any of the spying mechanisms.

    People all over the world should be demanding…
    – that numerous taps on the international trunk lines be REMOVED.
    – a STOP to non-U.S. providers using U.S. servers (i.e. Microsoft, Yahoo).
    – a STOP to warrantless data gathering and storing.
    – PROOF that this is being done, and a public mechanism for keeping it from happening again.
    (This list is by no means conclusive, of course.)

    People also need to reexamine their internet behaviour.
    They need to realize the scope and impact of all the commercial databases they’re casually feeding, and all the TRACKING they’re accepting – not just of themselves, but their families, friends, and others – even if it means reconsidering their use of common apps and social tools. The masses have been too ignorant and too cooperative on these things for far too long. People need to start asking questions when they’re being asked for their info, and stop providing it (both online and offline), simply because some store or service says they “need” it.

    Among all those who hold, or would hold, your info, NOT ONE of them has proven, or can prove, they are capable of protecting it, or that they do not intend to share and/or sell it to ANYONE, or that they will not release it to anyone WITHOUT A WARRANT. What you may be getting from anyone collecting this stuff, cannot possibly be worth what you’re giving away.

  4. Can you elaborate on what privacy protections were rolled back for non-US citizens? My understanding was that foreign citizens already had essentially no privacy protections in the US.

  5. oh my. and the man-in-the-middle attacks that routed 90% of world traffic thru Iceland one day have stopped?

    oh. and the decryption software no longer runs in real-time?

    with smart TVs now too.

    it is time you realized that posting a (popular) app means clones within 24 hours and 80% sales loss… while vendor refuse to take them down.

    and the 6 billion a year paid out for stolen s tech settlments by mickysoft
    isn’t all to trolls.

    if you aren’t working on the assumtion that ANY of the galaxy-class holes in the last few years… os, software (and the secondary firmware CPUs in hds etc)

    have made all coms public. ( and all small biz plans are copies by csis, yes, yes, yes… We know.)

    perhaps you deserve what happens to you.

    I call them slow learners.


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  8. A sexual predator have become the president of the united states, You guys can youtube sexual predator Donald Trump and you would know what i mean

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