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geobloqueo-streaming-europa by portal gda (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)


The Law Bytes Podcast, Episode 69: Bram Abramson on the Government’s Plan to Regulate Internet Streaming Services

Last week, Canadian Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault introduced Bill C-10, legislation that would significantly reform Canada’s Broadcasting Act. A foundational part of what he has called a “get money from web giants” legislative strategy, the bill grants new powers to the CRTC to regulate online streaming services. Bram Abramson is one of Canada’s leading communications law lawyers and managing director of a new digital risk and rights strategy firm called 32M. Bram acted as an outside consultant on telecom regulation for the recent Broadcasting and Telecommunications Legislative Review panel – often called the Yale Report –  but he joins the podcast to talk about the past, present and future of broadcast regulation, in particular what Bill C-10 could mean for the regulation of online streaming services.

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CPAC, Heritage Minister Discusses Bill to Update Broadcasting Act – November 3, 2020


  1. The proposed regulations are meant to impose a 3 level class system on content.

    Canadian content is at the top, as it possesses a mystical and fragile force that is essential to the culture of Canada. This force can only be detected by the high priest of the CRTC by applying special rules contained in a sacred book of rules and regulations.

    Next is neutral content like news, that while clearly inferior to Canadian content, poses no real threat to Canadian culture. As such, it will be ignored by the high priests.

    American content is the lowest level. American content is like alcohol – fine if consumed moderately, dangerous to Canadian culture, and hence Canada itself, if consumed excessively. Only a few, special Canadians are impervious to the powers of American content and they have made it their mission to save the rest of us from this ever-present threat. We all should thank them for their bravery and not begrudge them the hundreds of millions of dollars they are entitled to for saving the country.

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