Canadian federal election, 2015 by Open Grid Scheduler, Public Domain,

Canadian federal election, 2015 by Open Grid Scheduler, Public Domain,


The Law Bytes Podcast, Episode 68: Mike Pal on What the Canadian Experience Teaches About the Intersection Between Election Law and the Internet

The world will be focused on the United States this week as the U.S. Presidential election is slated to take place on Tuesday, November 3rd. The role of social media has been in the spotlight in the US for months with calls for regulation, a range of responses from the major companies, and ongoing concerns about the immediate aftermath of the election and fears that their platforms could be weaponized if the winner is in dispute.

Canada had its own national election one year ago and enacted a range of reforms designed to address some of these issues. Mike Pal is a colleague at the University of Ottawa where he specializes in election law. He joins the Law Bytes podcast to discuss the Canadian experience including what changes were made, whether they were effective, what more can be done, and what Canada might teach others about confronting the challenges that lie at the intersection between elections and the Internet.

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Show Notes:

Michael Pal, Social Media and Democracy: Challenges for Election Law and Administration in Canada


CTV News, Facebook is “Clear and Present Danger’ to Democracies: Technology Analyst


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