Midnight by Tim Ellis (CC BY-NC 2.0) https://flic.kr/p/68ExCk

Midnight by Tim Ellis (CC BY-NC 2.0) https://flic.kr/p/68ExCk


Midnight Madness: As Canadians Slept, the Liberals, Bloc and NDP Combined to Pass Bill C-10 in the House of Commons

The Liberal government strategy of multiple gag orders and a “super motion” to limit debate bore fruit last night as Bill C-10 received House of Commons approval at 1:30 am. The Parliamentary process took hours as the government passed multiple motions to cut short debate, re-inserted amendments that had been previously ruled null and void, and rejected a last-ditch attempt to restore the Section 4.1 safeguards for user generated content. The debate included obvious errors from Liberal MPs who were presumably chosen to defend the bill. For example, Julie Dabrusin, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Canadian Heritage, said that Section 2.1 in Bill C-10 “specifically excludes content uploaded by users.” Only it doesn’t as Dabrusin should know given that 2.1 covers users not content and she was the MP who introduced the amendment at committee to remove Section 4.1, which was the provision that excluded content uploaded by users.

Given the public support from the Bloc for cutting short debate, the outcome last night was never really in doubt. Perhaps the most interesting vote of the night came with a motion from Conservative MP Alain Rayes, which once again called for the re-insertion of Section 4.1. While the motion was defeated with the support of Liberal, NDP, and Bloc MPs, there were several notable exceptions. Liberal MPs Nate-Erskine Smith and Wayne Long both abstained and former Justice Minister (and now independent MP) Jody Wilson-Raybould voted in favour of the motion. The report stage was limited to one hour of debate, which meant that the 23 amendments were again subject to no real debate or discussion. Once the bill passed the report stage, it was on to third and final reading, which was limited to 15 minutes of debate per party. The vote followed just before 1:30 am with the Liberals, NDP, and Bloc once again supporting Bill C-10. Wilson-Raybould joined with the Conservatives in voting against it [full vote by MP here].

The bill now heads to the Senate, where based on reports, it is unlikely to get very far. Senator Dennis Dawson, a former Liberal MP and currently a member of the Progressive Senator Group, says there is a “zero-per-cent chance” the Senate will approve it by the end of this week when it breaks for the summer. Moreover, Conservative Senator Leo Housakos said “there doesn’t seem to be any momentum to pass this and rubber-stamp this without thorough review.” The likely committee for any review would be the Senate Transport and Communications Committee, which does not have any further meetings scheduled. Indeed, notwithstanding claims to the contrary from Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault, it has been increasingly clear for several weeks that this was the likely outcome with the government limiting debate, overruling its own committee chair, and using every available procedural maneuver to get the bill passed in the House of Commons only to find a few days left in the Senate calendar with no time for hearings.

Given the woefully inadequate Canadian Heritage committee hearings with the exclusion of digital-first Canadian creators, technology companies, consumer groups, and numerous independent experts as well as the passage of amendments without debate, discussion or experts, Bill C-10 desperately needs a comprehensive review. If Parliament resumes in the fall, there will be an opportunity for that review in the Senate. If, as most expect, there is an election, Bill C-10 will die, providing a much-needed opportunity to start from scratch by developing forward-looking, balanced legislation that supports the creative sector, safeguards freedom of expression, and recognizes the risks of over-broad regulations overseen by the CRTC.


  1. Thank you for your important coverage of this pathetic process.

  2. So if it “dies” in the Senate, then we’ve dodged a legislative bullet here?

  3. What a bullshit title. As if other parties didn’t do similar things at the end of the legislative session. This bill is poor and needs review, but your loosing credibility with this nonsense pearl clutching. good grief.

    We look to you for expert opinion and to keep us informed.

    • So you think it’s normal for parliament to stay up till 1:30am to pass a bill that has zero chance to get pass the senate? When you run your own blog, you can decided on the title of your posts – this is not a newspaper.

      • Its not great, but its unfortunately not abnormal or unique to this particular bill.

        Indeed its not a newspaper. I guess thats why I expected more from Mr. Geist. He could have laid out the facts and avoided ridiculous click-baity titles. Lesson learned.

        • Cul De Sac Hero says:

          It was literally and figuratively, while Canadians slept. I think the title is suitable

      • No it certainly is not News. Thank for reminder.

        You didn’t actually talk about why this bill is no good. Saying it limits free speech ok how?

        Why is the conservative party against it and why are the rest for it. Who does it really benefit who does it hurt. This bill hurts Facebook and helps real news agencies. We aren’t talking about users own content that they created and own. That’s all theirs unless they post on Facebook in which case it’s Facebook’s. Its users who post video segments etc created by others and neither the user nor the creator are receiving the benefit of their royalties. It’s all going to Facebook and Google and OS there another one I dunno I think just those two distributing news other people invested in and keeping royalties to themselves. The bill is a win for the news agency a win for the public and it hurts Facebook you can still link people to Toronto star articles quote them and link to videos. Facebook just has to pay if they want the video on their site. Site to watch video.

        Thanks for the not newspaper. Disinformation. I pulled all that from same source ie my Assk myself.


          this will alslo include a fee so this law is a tax , on everyone , it also leave up to a CRTC head what rules we will face and he jsut brushed aside a court order mandatign cheaper internet so now we have to pay more for internet and thats a tax ………during the pandemic and as it ends thank you liberals and ndp…and remember the ndp did this

          it also means small fry like me that do pro work will now vanish and your now stuck with the shit aaa games , and shit movies and tv they want to stuff there propoganda in , instead of entertain you.
          it also means shit content is now shoved up on things like twitch and youtube so that you dont see good stuff that might jsut happen to be a colaboration of a canadian and others , or outright come form elsehwere, so it removes choice..
          i can go on clause by clause but i suspect your one of the very very few that benefits and thus try to bullshit people

        • example do to me posting this article and a video i made using unreal ( american software) facebook informed me both posts are shadow banned

          yup its begun exactly what liying sacks a shit lieberals said would not happen

          • read the damn bill it requires you via crtc to geta license that will cost a yearly fee, just like the big boys pay , ya fuck th eliberals and ndp for this , it wont help natives or us disabled it will do the exact opposite and anyone with grade 2 reading skills can see that

    • What a bullshit reply. As if other parties didn’t get crucified by the media when they tried to do similar things. And if you’re going to criticize someone’s credibility, you should at least know the difference between “your” and “you’re”, as well as the proper spelling of “losing”.

    • Steven Mansour says:

      Expert opinion and keeping us informed is exactly what this piece was.

  4. I’m obviously not a politician because I fail to see what the Liberals have accomplished here, other than they can claimed to have passed legislation (kind of). What a waste of time and energy – and thank God for the senate.

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  7. Why aren’t the harem girls in the Trudeau Media talking about Justin’s hidden agenda?

    I remember when they were in hysterics over their imagined hidden agenda of Stephen Harper.
    Bought and paid for little Marxist tools.

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  12. Justa Reader says:

    Your coverage of this topic, along with interviews with the media, has highlighted the manipulations and chaos so well that the senate will give this hackjob bill extreme scrutiny or ignore it entirely. Losing the battle may have been inevitable, but the war may be won.

    I would ask the Liberal party next year if their scorched-earth strategy for this single battle was worth it. Also, the credibility the NDP and Bloq have lost as opposing parties means a vote for them is only an endorsement of the Liberals’ strategy. I think liberal-minded voters have watched this and lost trust in these parties, as I have.

  13. I woke up today and Shaw mail IMAP, for the first time ever, is no longer accepting encrypted passwords, making your email password visible to state sponsored eavesdroppers, coincidence? Email is typically sent on clear text anyway. Why do they want everyone’s passwords?

    • Where do I go to sniff the plaintext passwords from shaw emails? They cost too much on darkweb.

      • sorry chris but according to the new bill c-10 you have not paid for your broadcast liscense and also your content is not allowed , it will be removed and a 5000 dolalr fine will be sent to you


  14. Why are we are wasting our tax dollars paying these clowns to parade their hatred and contempt for Canada with bipartisan borderline treasonous activity and censorship bills they know will never withstand scrutiny?

    If the Liberals, NDP, Bloc, and Conservatives actually cared about Canadian content, they would create their own platforms rather than demand the entire planet change their platform code to adopt Canadian values. They would draft bills to punish big tech for censoring Canadian content and politicians, for example, like the big tech anti Trump coup d’état… so that Canadians politicians that don’t support ISIS don’t get de-platformed as well.

    • the prob now is if this passes trudeau could jsut say sorry no broadcast lissence for you and wella your done…he puts a yes man ( or prolly all women as he does now) in charge of this committee to oversee the rules and wella , right before election he can then shut up all opposition

      trust me wiht all us in doors this much if he wants ot piss off most of canada nad have people DESTROY the liberal party the ndp and teh bloc hes just might a done this, and polls have never been accurate…what a bloody joke i think ill cancel my internet and buy some beer each month instead…of trying to make cinematics

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  17. Wendy Jenkins says:

    Whole heartedly agree! Have you considered running for office? We are in desperate need of honest, patriotic, clear thinking, freedom insisting, won’t back down or be bought or intimidated, people who will step forward and give the people someone to vote for and fight with.

    • Rusta Jeader says:

      It’s a beautiful fantasy, one that I share, but Mr. Geist would be whipped out of any elected party faster than he could say “I disagree with the leader for ethical reasons and will not vote with my party”. I love the idea of a academic & expert principled man in politics, but in politics they’re the losers. We very much need Mr. Geist to continue to look into the looneybin from the outside and keep informing us. I’ve been watching CTV News and especially the National Post depending ever more on his insight for their articles.

      That said, maybe he could run as an independent, or for a party with socially-libertarian leanings, like the PPC or the Libertarian Party. However, both are on the far right, yet I’d appreciate if they had a non-psychopath candidate.

      Senate appointment?

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  19. won’t back down or be bought or intimidated, people who will step forward and give the people someone to vote for and fight with.

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  21. Not sleeping. Like our representation, the majority of us support this. I’ve supported M. Geist in the past, but we don’t agree this time.

  22. Stephen Delaurentis says:

    All you Trudeau Liberal supporters its only just begun….by the time you Liberal supporters wake the F*** up it will be too late…please vote this criminal out if office….

    • Yeah with all his stealing money from the government/tax payers all he does is have to say sorry and everything is fine? If anyone but the prime minister were to do this they’d be in jail. Is this truly a democracy? I don’t think so.

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  24. Who is surprised let alone shocked? The anti-freedom and anti-west agenda of the liberals is not hidden even from the blind and deaf anymore. Just posted about this story on my site and linked to your article. Keep up the good work.

    • Steven Mansour says:

      While the Liberal Party has done a demonstrably poor job on tech and media issues like content regulation and broadband access in rural areas, there isn’t anything specific “anti-west” about this [teribble] bill. On the contrary, it ends up benefiting the big 3 telco/media cos, including TELUS which is based in the west.

  25. You know it’s not right when a government try’s to suppress its people… Say goodbye to actual news that matters like the genocide going on in China against the Uyghurs and say hello to news that only Trudeau wants you to hear. There’s already tons of censorship going on about car bombings in Canada thanks to Trudeaus government. Trudeau is always saying how pro Muslim he is, but does nothing when China is “re-educating” them… Yeah, Ok. Trudeaus a coward and won’t speak up against China committing genocide. And when all the supporters behind Trudeau turn Canada into a communist country nobody will be happy.

  26. Boy oh boy. For some time now the comments pages here have been taken over by the looney tunes. There’s no one here with arguing with. Did Eric L. actually follow his own slogan and decide to leave it rather than love it? Enjoying Moscow, Eric? The last bastion of personal freedom, eh?

    Who was naive enough to believe that Geist, an insider, an old hand, couldn’t, weeks or months ago, count with the fingers on his hand how long this would have to clear the senate, and realize – weeks or months ago – that it would never make it across the finish line? He’s whipped you, the rabble, the Maxime Bernier supporters, western separatists, Ayn Rand followers, libertarian fascists, big business goons, into a frenzy for his own ends.

    A complete carnival. A stage d show worthy of Joseph Stalin. Pathetic.

    • no one WORTH arguing with.

    • Gesit is a lawyer he looks at legal ends and if you see the podcasts he while he knows what were saying , he sees more law as a job oppurtunity its why i argued with him and his lil numpties last go with harper and copyright law….in end i was right too then….and if yu want an argument lets get the amended bill and have a talk about what it measn to me a disabled person , whom has a youtube channel that does gaming and also some unreal engine stuff like cinematics and game development. LETS DO IT right here , my bet is yuo shut up and go away cause all your doing above is yammering nonsense spam and not even contributing to any discussion which ironically you will enjoy BILL C-10 as it stifles free speech and discussion , this will make us less intellectual , less smart , less and less will even bother…

      If you want morons all round you this is way to go….
      I’ll Give geist this , at least he allows us to discuss these issues. Facebook and youtube are censoring on this topic. huge numbers are already seeing global news via its facebook plygin getting censored.
      I CORRECTED A BITCOIN ARTICLE USING A REAL TIME TICKER OF THE PRICE WITH RECORD OF PRICES….they didnt like that and had facebook shadow ban the post.

      suddenly reddit puts me on 13 minute post times …yup…

    • Steven Mansour says:

      This is a ridiculous statement. If you’ve been following the story and his podcast, his statements have remained as apolitical and pragmatic as ever despite the obvious problems with every step of how this bill was handled and the bill itself.

      I am politically the polar opposite of the “rabble” you mention and haven’t found any of Michael’s coverage of this process to be incitement or non-objective in the slightest.

      No one who has at least a cursory understanding of the media and tech landscape in Canada would see this bill and its implications in its current form as anything less than a complete disaster.

      • I can’t for the life of my figure out why you would put “rabble” in scare quotes. In this discussion and others there has been no lack of Maxime Bernier supporters, conspiracy theorists, and general low lifes and hooligans.

      • Here’s a typical comment from above. Danngerous, and incoherent. Anti-Trump Big Tech coup d’état? Are you kidding me? I know ye by the friends you keep.

        If the Liberals, NDP, Bloc, and Conservatives actually cared about Canadian content, they would create their own platforms rather than demand the entire planet change their platform code to adopt Canadian values. They would draft bills to punish big tech for censoring Canadian content and politicians, for example, like the big tech anti Trump coup d’état… so that Canadians politicians that don’t support ISIS don’t get de-platformed as well.

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  28. If you do not fully support this bill, mandatory Can Con, and agree with the ability to muzzle and jail any citizen for offending me, or MAY THE GOD-SON TRUDEAU FORGIVE ME FOR EVEN WRITING THIS failing to understand the Canadian reality of 732 genders, I hope you and your family are sent to the Gulags to be executed or re-educated and deported for replacement with preferred immigrants

    • Right on cue. (See above.)

      • It is funny. Some people don’t/can’t write a persuasive argument, but they still need to vent. Cue the hyperbole and the tangents and the gulags.

        Problem is, they aren’t exactly wrong. Anger pushes the rhetoric to absurdities, but there are still real issues. Diluting the legal definition of hatespeech to anything vaguely upsetting makes everyone criminals, and may we all be forgiven for that. A birth-rate below the replacement-rate of a population is literally an existential concern for any society, but that’s a tangent, and those pop up when angry.

        Dismissing unheard people outright only sets us back. There’s real problems, and real people who are really upset about them. Personally, I’m proudly liberal, and on C-10 & C-36 I feel the Liberal Party isn’t living up to its name.

        Hey MANNIJAM, it’s bad, but it’s not that bad, not yet. I recently saw a video by Ian Runkle “How to write to your politician about guns (or anything else really)”, and I’m linking it above in my nickname. It’s politically right-wing, which you might like, but his example letter matches your post. He guides writers to change that letter, and on how to argue with others to effectively advocate for a position. And yes, may the god-son trudeau forgive you and those who have trespassed against you my son in his infinite mercy, in the name of Pierre, his son, and the fuddle duddle.

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