Citizens' Assembly on Democratic Expression by Michael Geist (CC BY 4.0)

Citizens' Assembly on Democratic Expression by Michael Geist (CC BY 4.0)


The Law Bytes Podcast, Episode 109: Striking the Balance on Misinformation and Freedom of Expression – My Examination of Canadian Policy Solutions

The Canadian Parliament is set to resume this week and it’s a safe bet that Internet regulation will be part of the legislative agenda in the coming months. One of the toughest policy issues involve misinformation, which can be difficult to define and potentially to regulate. The Canadian Commission on Democratic Expression was established in spring 2020 with a three-year mandate to better understand, anticipate, and respond to the effects of new digital technologies on public life and Canadian democracy. As part of its work, it created a Citizens’ Assembly comprised of Canadians from across the country who recently gathered for several days to debate disinformation online. Last week, I was honoured to deliver a dinner speech to the group followed by a facilitated discussion. This week’s podcast features a recording of that lecture with the slides posted here.

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Show Notes

PPT presentation to the Citizens’ Assembly


CityNews Edmonton, Nearly All Canadians Saw COVID-19 Misinformation Online, Study Says


  1. Why wouldn’t this government regulate misinformation? After all they are the experts on it.

    There was the cabinet minister who said “If you repeat something often enough and loud enough then people will believe it” and then there was Bill C10 which was built on fear-mongering and misinformation.

    Face it. We only need one source for misinformation and it’s this government.

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  4. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and information; it has greatly aided me in my job and personal life.