Please! by Josh Hallett (CC BY 2.0)

Please! by Josh Hallett (CC BY 2.0)


The Law Bytes Podcast, Episode 121: The Law Is No Longer Fit For Purpose – My Appearance Before the ETHI Committee on Canadian Privacy and Mobility Data

The House of Commons Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics spent much of February conducting a study on the collection and use of mobility data by the Government of Canada. The study stems from reports that the Public Health Agency of Canada worked with Telus and BlueDot, an AI firm, to identify COVID-19 trends based on mobility data with questions about whether there was appropriate disclosures, transparency and consent from the millions of Canadians whose data may have been collected. I appeared before the committee toward the end of the study, emphasizing that while the activities were arguably legal, something still does not sit right with many Canadians. This week’s Law Bytes podcast goes inside the hearing room for my appearance, where I made the case that Canada’s outdated privacy laws are no longer fit for purpose.

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Global News, Privacy Watchdog Investigates PHAC’s Use of Canadians’ Cellphone Location Data


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  2. “Deidentified to what level of assurance?” is almost never asked, too. Also, I think that Helen Nissenbaum has argued convincingly that “public” does not mean “free to use”, which is constantly being confused (deliberately) by governments and corporations. We need to modernize on that front as well. (This is a notion of “privacy” not covered by the legislation as far as I can tell.)

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