ChatGPT Plus by Daniel Foster (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

ChatGPT Plus by Daniel Foster (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)


The Law Bytes Podcast, Episode 178: Bianca Wylie on Canada’s Failing AI Regulatory Process

It’s been a dizzying stretch since the launch of Chat GPT, with artificial intelligence regulation and policy bursting forward as top concern in Canada and around the world. From a Canadian perspective, Bill C-27 got most of its initial attention for its privacy provisions, but its inclusion of an AI bill – AIDA – has emerged as a huge issue in its own right. Meanwhile, the government has also quietly been pushing ahead with new generative AI guidelines that may debut this week. Bianca Wylie is a writer and an open government and public technology advocate with a dual background in technology and public engagement.  She’s become increasingly uncomfortable with the AI regulatory process in Canada and she joins the Law Bytes podcast to provide her thoughts about AIDA, generative AI regulation, and a process she believes is in dire need of fixing.

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House of Commons, December 5, 2022



  1. Using AGILE for the development of a law? My God, they definitely don’t understand the ins and outs of AGILE even as a software development process.

    I spent 27 years as a software engineer, using AGILE for the last 6 or 7 years of my career. The methodology can work for large projects so long as there is management understanding of the tool and its limitations, however it is better suited to a smaller project with a well defined problem space and a fairly well defined required capability in the solution. It requires that the people performing the work either have subject matter knowledge or they have consistent access to a subject matter expert to advise on the proposed way forward. In my experience (personal and from others using it as well) it tends to fail in that it doesn’t provide the SMEs and it becomes simply a means for management to micromanage the project due to them not understanding the pros and cons of the methodology.

    Crafting a law really doesn’t fit the mold. And if the plan is to use it for crafting regulations after the law is passed, well, one would think that the Online News Act debacle would have taught them something.

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  3. I see in the future pretense it will fail tragically knowing you know about this. Who is in charge of these needs? to know about this bill” and understand it to see how may or not work at all of its ability.