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Piercing the Peer-to-Peer Myths (Part One)

Professor Geist's regular Toronto Star Law Bytes column (Toronto Star version, HTML backup article, homepage version) is the first of a two-part look at the impact of peer-to-peer file sharing on the music industry. The column provides a detailed examination of the Canadian Recording Industry Association's own numbers, concluding that […]

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November 29, 2004 Comments are Disabled Columns

Numbers don’t crunch against downloading

Last week the Canadian music industry, led by senior executives and star musicians, including rocker Tom Cochrane and Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo, descended on Parliament Hill to lobby the government to reform Canada's copyright legislation. The industry sought meetings with government leaders such as Canadian Heritage Minister Liza Frulla […]

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November 28, 2004 Comments are Disabled Columns Archive

Music Industry and Kazaa Face Off in Australian Court

The Australian Music Industry and Sharman Networks, the owner of Kazaa, face off in court next week. Professor Geist comments on some of the copyright issues to be addressed.

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November 27, 2004 Comments are Disabled News

Radio Canada International Looks at the Music Industry

Radio Canada International's Business Sense features a 30 minute special on the music industry in Canada. Professor Geist comments on the impact of file sharing on Canadian artists, highlighting why peer-to-peer is only marginally responsible for the recent decline in record sales. (Streaming version) (Download version).

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November 25, 2004 Comments are Disabled Audio

Canadian Musicians Lobby for Copyright Reform

Several of Canada's best known musicians went to Parliament today to lobby for reform to the Copyright Act. While CRIA argued that the current statute hurts their industry, the economy, and artists, Professor Geist comments that the proposed reforms will directly affect millions of Canadians who may have no interest […]

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November 24, 2004 Comments are Disabled News