The Sound of Silence

The Canadian Press picks up on the story involving Nettwerk's backing of a defendant in an RIAA suit.  The story includes some additional comments and insights from Nettwerk's Terry McBride.  McBride says that he has the support of all the artists that he manages including Avril Lavigne, the Barenaked Ladies, and Sarah McLachlin.  In fact, he notes that he's received emails of support from several U.S. congressmen, a U.S. senator and some record label presidents.  Says McBride:

"It's time to step up and say 'This is crazy.' My hope is that this (Nettwerk's support) will create a positive concrete conversation between the artists, their managers and the record labels as to what the future is. . .  The fan is the future. Suing the fan is like shooting yourself in the foot."

Graham Henderson, the president of CRIA, was apparently unavailable for comment.

Update: The Toronto Star has coverage with yet more comments from Terry McBride, including "Avril would never sue a fan, so obviously the RIAA can't claim that they're doing this on Avril's behalf because she wouldn't be suing anyone. Their interests are very different than the interests of our artists."

Update II: Terry McBride, who clearly is not planning on remaining silent on this issue, is featured in this podcast that includes an interview with the Nettwerk CEO.

Update III: Graham Henderson speaks.


  1. Graham Henderson – self-absorbed King No
    Nettwerk is stepping up and doing the right thing.
    Graham Henderson should do the right thing and
    step down.

  2. Donald Jessop says:

    Sending my pants to the cleaners
    I read the link to the Globe and Mail article written by Guy Dixon and almost peed my pants when I read what Graham Henderson said: “Graham Henderson, president of the Canadian Recording Industry Association, countered that this would mean the “Sovietization” of the industry, by charging everyone for something only some people are using.”

    Don’t we already pay a per CD/DVD/MP3 player “tax” that goes to the recording industry? When I back up my hard dirve to DVDs I am paying the music industry for the pleasure of doing this. When I backup the kids games and give them the copy to use (you never give a four year old the original) I am paying the music industry.

    Hasn’t Graham Henderson already “Sovietized” this aspect by making everyone pay for what some people use?