Copyright Board Issues Ringtone Decision

The Copyright Board of Canada has issued its decision involving SOCAN's application for a ten percent royalty on ringtones.  The application was opposed by CRIA and the telcos (I wrote about the issue in 2004). The Board awarded six percent.  More once I read the decision (Hat Tip: Howard Knopf).


  1. Presumably you will be opposed to any payment for songwriters, as per your usual anti-creator bias. I’ve looked all over your site,St. Michael – where is your disclosure of the money you’ve taken from commercial web sites such as Amazon? from Telcos? You hold your enemies to a very high standard. You portray everyone who speaks for creators as crooked and corrupt. How about you come clean on your consulting contracts, Prof?

  2. fair_n_hite_451 says:

    Sorry, we don’t feed the trolls here. Move along Observer, move along.