Japan To Propose Novel Approach to Online Video

Variety reports that Japan's IPR Policy Working Group is proposing a novel change to that country's copyright law with respect to online video.  The Group is proposing that Internet distribution of previously broadcast television shows will no longer require permissions from all rights holders.  Instead, they need only to ensure royalty payments to all rights holders following webcsts of the shows.

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  1. Toritaiyo says:

    I wonder why
    I wonder why they would do this. Any ideas?

    I would expect stricter regulations rather than a loosening of them. I read somewhere that JRIC (Japan recording-media industries association) was preparing just a little while ago to sue Google over TV content on youtube.

    Maybe the government wants to make its television more international, the same way they have been doing with manga and anime. Could this be the reason? Japanese TV clips have definitely racked up a lot of views on Youtube, so they seem to have mass appeal.