CBC’s Search Engine on Copyright

CBC's Search Engine, a weekly radio program on Internet issues, has become must-listen radio on the unfolding Canadian copyright law reform initiative.  Today's program (MP3 version) featured an interview with George Barker, the Australian economist who criticized the Industry Canada P2P study, that focused on Barker's views and his links to the CRIA.  CRIA's Graham Henderson refused to appear on the program.  The program has now requested an interview with Industry Minister Jim Prentice to discuss the forthcoming copyright bill and asked listeners to post their own questions.  In a matter of hours, the site already contains more than 50 questions.  Add yours here and stay tuned to see whether Prentice appears on the program.

Update: Despite over 230 comments and questions on the Search Engine site, Prentice said no

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  1. Russell McOrmond says:

    Link update
    When Jesse Brown added an update to the article, the URL changed. To see the comments after the first 90, please look at:

    [ link ]

    (As of this moment, up to 194 comments. It is almost a full-time job just to read and approve these I suspect 😉

    The consultation in 2001 received over 700 replies. I wonder if Jesse knew what he was getting into 😉

    And I hope someone in parliament is listening!