CMPDA Claims Camcording All But Disappears in Canada

As a Montreal man pleads not guilty on charges involving camcording in a movie theatre, the Globe ran a story this week in which the CMPDA claims that "only five movies have been illegal recorded in Canada" since the first camcording arrest last October.


  1. Vincent Clement says:

    This is because the market realized that there are better copies (ie. screener copies) available on the net. Demand dried up for camcorder copies. Since the screener copies are of much better quality, the CMPDA has done Canada a favour.

  2. Was it ever here?
    Honestly who would pay 10$ and goto a show and then have to pay 12.07 for popcorn and pop
    22.07 when i can get a svideo cable and hook it to the digital box and make my copy by bringing over to the computer and removing the commercials even.
    and they are wrong LOL.
    Ive been to ONE movie in 10 years and that very 1st one i was at …GUESS WHAT IT WAS CAMCORDED. ROFL.
    It’s not that its not happening its that its happening smarter. Like hackers always say.
    In through the out door and out through the in door. And you cannot stop what you cannot see.

  3. H264 MP4 AVC says:

    half sized copies of XVIDS
    Just thought id educate you , they dried up cause the tools to make the H264.AVC.MP4’s are no longer common available
    and they take the dvdr and make it down to half a cd in perfect dvdr quality. SEE what tech comes from all this.
    Now go watch a spy movie and see those mini disks with video and think again that its prolly even better then that.
    imagine how much data can be compressed then put on the DVDR
    now take the bluray disc……..
    HURRAY for bluray the better format WON