Canadian Heritage Committee Seeks a Say in Copyright Reform

Howard Knopf points to a Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage recommendation that calls on the government to establish a Special Joint Committee to review the copyright bill once it is introduced.  As Howard notes, this represents some pushback from the Committee that fears that it will be marginalized in the review process.  Moreover, it seeks review of the bill before second reading, thereby opening the door to major alterations in the bill.  Of course, Canadian Heritage Minister Josee Verner has been largely missing-in-action for the past three months on the copyright file.  At the moment, this issue belongs to the Industry Minister and the Prime Minister and with even the National Post criticizing them, they may well want to reconsider their substantive approach before addressing the committee reviews.

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  1. Not surprised says:

    Avoiding more scandal
    It is hardly surprising that Heritage is keeping a low profile after the C59 debacle. Neri is after all still with Heritage as a “special advisor”, and Frith is now available for hire to the highest bidder.