Canadian Federation of Students on Copyright Reform

The Canadian Federation of Students, representing a half million students from coast to coast, just released its position paper on copyright reform. The CFS position includes support for a more flexible fair dealing provision, rejection of the AUCC/CMEC educational exemption, calling for balanced TPM measures, implementation of a notice-and-notice approach, elimination of crown copyright, and limits on statutory damages.


  1. …which they kind of screw up at the end by their very self-serving proposal on moral rights

  2. What about Copyright Term Lengths?
    Surely they must have included this? Perpetual copyright terms? This is the key of the issue, that people are not respecting copyright as they have absolutely nothing to gain from it. It has failt to protect the public domain from being looted, and have left us with an infringe or pay-through-the-teeth for the entirety of our culture situation, and people backed into that corner will infringe, not out of will or choice, but because it is an unavoidable necessity. Funny that no one realizes this (IMHO).

  3. TPM = DRM says:

    TPM = DRM
    TPM = DRM
    go get educated