Wilkins Confirms Copyright Discussions at SPP

U.S. Ambassador to Canada David Wilkins gave a lengthy interview following the SPP meeting this week that is available as an MP3 file.  Wilkins says that there was a general discussion on copyright and that the U.S. continues to advocate for a "stronger copyright law" but that there were no new announcements out of the meeting.


  1. FREE CANADA says:

    does harper have backbone
    the real persons article here:
    Title: Foreign powers try to meddle in Canada’s internal affairs again

    Again the USA ambassador needing our oil stealing our softwood lumber cash ( 1 billion lest we forgte harper signed that away and look whom could have used that cash now!!) is now trying to shove the riaa/mpaa way of doing things in canada. Instead of moving forward the SAC approach which is seemingly unniverily loved and wanted
    see facebook for my replies and solutions. (warner endorses it even) You end up with the same old same old only now you have a conservative gov’t on the ropes perhaps legally, the three bandits er amigos want to ram the poorest people right into the ground and befor ehe leaves office and the republicn party out of power he wnt sto put liberals and democrats in the worst economic postion possible.
    no innovation no use of net (throttling) CRTC using .doc files for the reply of bell canada ( a MS link provided so you can BUY software costing MASSIVE amounts)
    like give me a fraking break
    time for a new party in canada one that has as a mandate
    no lawyers allowed, no hollywood and no corporates.
    and no one over age 40

  2. Dwight Williams says:

    No One Over 40?
    That’s going to rule out an awful lot of sane and helpful people.