Aeroplan Launches DRM-Free Music Store

As Industry Minister Jim Prentice prepares to introduce a Canadian DMCA designed to protect DRM, Aeroplan has announced that its digital music store will offer DRM-free music from all four major record labels.

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  1. Unfrequent Flyer! says:

    Way cool!
    This actually looks like a nice deal! There may finally be a use for those Aeroplan miles. Up to now they’ve just accumulated, always seeming to be just short of enough to use in a way I wanted.

    It looks like it is 5500 miles for a 50-song bundle. Or – 110 miles (points) per song. Gift cards from Aeroplan typically cluster around 130 points per dollar. The difference here is that individual tracks are not something you can buy on a CD.

    This likely won’t be as effective a use of your points as flying – but the catch I find with flying is that you often take the family (more points or $$$) and then you spend even more when you get to your destination ($$$).

    A deal like this strikes me as an ideal blending of something I have (a few Aeroplan miles) and something I want (a few MP3 tracks).