Apple iTunes to Offer Downloadable Movies in Canada

Apple has announced plans to offer downloadable movies in the Canadian market. The development points to the two big policy issues of the moment – first, will these downloaded movies face ISP throttling in light of the competition with ISP's own video-on-demand services? Second, why does Industry Minister Jim Prentice insist that a Canadian DMCA is needed to facilitate new business models in Canada when the market seems quite willing to do so without legislative intervention?


  1. Anonymous says:

    Why indeed? To benefit the dinosaurs corporations based on bible old business models?

  2. As usual, follow the money
    “why does Industry Minister Jim Prentice insist that a Canadian DMCA is needed to facilitate new business models in Canada when the market seems quite willing to do so without legislative intervention?”

    I don’t believe that Prentice and his ilk “think” at all – they just follow orders. But if we answer the question “who stands to profit by this anti-consumer policy that the Tories are being told to shove down Canadian consumers’ throats?” we will see the real agenda (to squeeze more money out of Canadians) and who is behind it.

  3. delivered
    The announcement is not just for plans, they already are available to download, right now.

  4. It’s no good for me. I’ve already gone over my cap for the month and I don’t want to pay over charges.

    $3.99 + extra bandwidth plus a possible throttle?

    I might as well just goto Blockbuster next door.

  5. I’m so glad sub-Junta Prentice has solved all other problems on his plate so he can concentrate on this pressing issue that is hampering Canada’s ability to help copyright needs of his lobby buddies.

  6. Good god almighty..
    These chaps are about 10 years too late! Pay 3.99 for a movie I can download for FREE on emule? Emule has stuff from the 70s that the goons from Apple, Bell, etc will never have. And most likely will never be released for Blu-Ray..yet I have it backed up on dual layers. People will never fall for the idiocy the suits perpetually try to force on the rest of us. If they try to force us to download their craptastic, pixelated movies, we’ll all move to darknet/freenet models and use..P4P!

  7. Apple’s Digital Lock
    I rented a movie from iTunes. It allows me to watch it in any 48 hour period over 30 days. Confusing, but for $3.99 it does represent value – until… So I want to watch it on my TV. I have a video iPod that I use to watch downloaded programs in the living room. I also like to have it on my laptop so that when my wife gets tired we can finish watching it on that in the bed room. Not allowed.

    Apple is reaching into my home and restricting my ability to consume this rented content. I can only have a rented movie on one device at a time. I can’t use my Apple Video iPod. Of course, I want to remove the Apple digital locks, I just want to watch the movie on an Apple device. For $3.99 if the DRM-infected file blows up 30 days later that is fine. But I can’t and if I do, the State and Apple may soon come after me.

    The Conservative Party of Canada, led by Minister Jim Prentice, has introduced new legislation in the Canadian House of Commons this week. The Canadian DMCA, largely based on failed American policy, restricts consumers from making personal copies of digitally locked materials.

    Prentice and Apple, as for Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau put it “… has no business in the bedrooms of the nation”.

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