NDP Response to the Prentice DMCA

A blog reader writes with the response they received from NDP Leader Jack Layton on Bill C-61:

Thank you for sharing your concern over Bill C-61, An Act to amend the Copyright Act.

The NDP is strongly opposed to this bill and we are calling on MPs from other parties to listen to their constituents and join us in the growing chorus against it.  Rather, we are pushing for legislation that will ensure that artists and creators are compensated for their work but that also ensures consumers are able to enjoy reasonable rights of access.

Over the past two years we have urged the government to consult with stakeholders and develop legislation that would protect artists, innovators and consumers in the 21st century. Unfortunately, the government has completely ignored calls to bring forward reasonable copyright legislation. In fact, this bill is worse than originally feared.  There is no evidence of an attempt to strike any reasonable balance that would protect either artists or consumers. Instead, we are faced with a full capitulation to the U.S. corporate lobby that will pave the way for the criminalization of perfectly reasonable behaviour (like format shifting of most legally purchased content).

What can you do? If you haven't already, contact the Ministers of Industry and Heritage, the Prime Minister, the leaders of the other opposition parties, and your local MP to tell them that you oppose this piece of legislation. Encourage your friends and families to do the same. For contact information, please visit: Your participation will be important to making the opposition to this bill impossible to ignore.

Again, I appreciate the time you have taken to register your views and concerns about this important issue. Feel free to pass along my email to anyone who may be interested. All the best.


Jack Layton, MP (Toronto-Danforth)
Leader, Canada’s New Democrats


  1. olivia chow
    I got a similar response from my Olivia Chow in response to the form letter emailed to her via Copyright for Canadians ( [ link ] ). I was quite happy to see that they took the time to respond and that they identified and understand the concerns I had regarding the bill. Made my day. 🙂

  2. Martin Hicks says:

    same here…
    Yep, I got the same response from Paul Dewar (Ottawa Centre)

  3. Linda Lowe says:

    Well, my MP didn’t even read it…
    Dear Ms. Lowe,

    Thank you for emailing the Office of Peter Goldring, MP for Edmonton East. Your concern will be brought to Mr. Goldring’s attention.


    The Office of Peter Goldring
    Member of Parliament
    Edmonton East

  4. R. Bassett Jr. says:

    NDP – doing their job
    Everyone please was CPAC for a year and realise who stands up in the house to actually accomplish something and who is just there to be an uhelpful blow-hard.

    My Conservative MP, Daryl Kramp, is the exception to the rule for his party – Mr. Kramp actually gives a damn about his constituents. I didn’t vote for him, but had he been NDP I would have. Our NDP candidate may end up being the provincial (Ont) NDP leader soon, so despite not liking the Conservatives, I may end up voting for Mr. Krampt in the next election.

    Despite what all of the commercials may tell you, the spirit of our political system is that we’re to vote for the PERSON who will best represent us, rather than the party. Our parliment would still function even if everyone sitting in it was an independent.

    Anyhow, please elect the people in your community that will take the time to understand the issue and who cares enough to represent YOUR interests in the national, provincial, and munciple forums. That is the purpose and function of our government and it is OUR responsibility to get off our duffs and get to know the candidates. Vote for the ones that will take the time to respond to your issue. Explain to your friends and family why they should vote for them too. 🙂

    I must go eat my lunch now.

  5. YAY
    Nice to know NDP considers what is good for the people they represent instead of what is good for some big faceless organizations that shell out money to modify laws in there intrest.

  6. Alexa McDonough
    I sent her an email last week and she replied 1 day later with a very informative and personal e-mail. What an idea, listening to the people.

  7. PQ in cons pocket
    My quebec PQ MP refuses to respond.

  8. Two things: it was the NDP that let this government in, so don’t know how he has the nerve to complain. And there is a strong hint in his letter that the NDP sees levies or collectives as the way to fix creators on money

  9. Linda it’s called an acknowledgement. If you then don’t get a substantive reply, you have grounds to complain. but not yet.

  10. Waiting
    I’m waiting to hear back from Peter Goldring, Conservative MP from Edmonton-East, whom I sent a typed letter to (and cc’d the PM, Prentice, Heritage Minister, as well as the critics for each of the opposition parties.

    I sent a very articulate letter representing both myself professionally as part of post-secondary education, and as a consumer and bit of a tech junkie. If he bothers to read half of it, he’ll realize this bill doesn’t make any damn sense whatsoever.

  11. jimmy holiday says:

    I haven’t received a response from Joe Maguire, our PEI MP. It’s been over a week now.

  12. DancingSamurai says:

    Liberal Response
    I got a canned response from my MP’s office (Garth Turner, Liberal). He’s not as negative about it but at least there’s some indication that “there is some concern surrounding the bill’s proposals in regard to technological protection measures.”. The full text is here: [ link ]

  13. My MP: MIA
    Been about a week since I sent a well constructed email to my MP Monte Solberg (Conservative, Medicine Hat) as well as to the Industry and Heritage Ministers and no response as of yet. (Not completely surprising though)

  14. No response from Poilievre as well.

  15. Brent Bonn says:

    Judy Wasylycia-Leis (winnipeg north)
    She did not respond to my letters at all. I sent 2. One about ACTA and one about this.

  16. I used the same form as some others to send an email to my local MP (Oshawa, Ontario) and I haven’t noticed any reply yet. I know that if (and when) this bill gets shot down, I will be voting for anyone who voted against it. I doubt I’ll ever vote conservative at this point.

  17. Peter Kazakoff says:

    Blair Wilson MIA
    Sent a letter to Blair Wilson, Liberal MP for West Vancouver and the Sunshine Coast. Got the usual canned response from his constituency assistant to forward my contact, which I did and haven’t heard back. Been over a month.