CBC on Telecom in Canada

The has begun a special report on telecom in Canada, titled Disconnected. Today's articles include an interview with Jim Prentice and a look at mounting consumer frustration.

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  1. Another good related article
    A quote from this article says it so perfect:
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    “Tony Merchant, the class-action lawyer, says the problem extends beyond government and regulatory action and lies with consumers themselves. Canadians’ politeness and non-confrontational manner serves them well in international reputation, but it also makes them willing suckers to be taken advantage of by the likes of banks, airlines and telecommunications providers.

    “Canadians have a silly smugness that says our large institutions are honest and fair. We don’t think that they would cheat us. We just think they are fair and that’s what it costs,” says Merchant, whose mother worked for the CRTC. “It doesn’t make us good consumers, it makes us dupes.” “