Marston on the Chorus Against C-61

Scott Elcomb posts a response from NDP MP Wayne Marston on C-61 – "Across the country, people like you are coming together to oppose this legislation in online chatrooms, on facebook and in coffee shops. They are voicing their concerns with the legislation by writing elected officials, by posting comments on web-pages dedicated to the copyright discussion, and by writing letters-to-the-editor that call for a truly balanced approach."

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  1. me
    btw when i travel to my doctor every month
    i go through 8 cities and town to get there.
    I speak to many about many issues and i make sur etehy all know about the stupid things and i also ask them about things like the SAC proposal.
    So far in the hundreds ive asked ALL BUT one said no.
    WHY i finds out later hes a real pirate the kind that sells, this would put him and his kind out of business and place that money or part of it in the artists hands and save YOU and ME money.

    REMEMBER those that sell pirated stuff WANT c-61