Calgary Man Receives Fine Under Illegal Camcording Conviction

A Calgary man has become the first person convicted under the Criminal Code's new anti-camcording provision.  The man received a $1,495 fine and was placed on probation for one year.  He is also prohibited from possessing any video recording equipment outside his home during the probation.  The Canadian Motion Pictures Distributors Association had hoped for jail time.


  1. While I agree upon the fine amount since the person should know better, what I don’t agree with is that anyone should get any jailtime over this (at least the judge had some common sense), or any other industry bought and paid for laws. The police in Calgary and anywhere else for that matter have more important things to take care of instead of protecting MPAA interests. They should bill all investigative costs right back to the movie theatre. Another thing is, what happens if some kid takes out their cellphone and records a clip from a bigscreen film? I’m guessing they’ll foolishly receive the same exact treatment. Other questions arise too, such as did this guy have any intent to redistribute the film to others? The whole business of the “crime” beginning in the theatre is just downright foolish.

  2. life in prison
    once we have them all locked up we canmake zillions

  3. Canadian Motion Pictures Distributors Association hoping for jail time ????? no kidding AHAHAHAHA common get a life

  4. heading should read


    —-most useful law of the year goes tooooo

  5. Give me a break he was arrested for having a camcorder outside his house, well if he has been arrested for that maybe they should arrest the town council in every town villiage and city across the country because I dont recall voting in cameras on every corner, isnt that a violation of our rights?? Isnt this a Democracy where we are suppose to vote these things in?? I dont recall anyone asking me..DO U? What next?? are we going to be arrested while on vacation for using the camera to record or holiday?? Time to speak up and stand up and get our voice back before we are forbidden to blink.

  6. Toronto Suites says:

    Are you serious, a camcorder, just another way to make money
    Give me a break, a camcorder,jail time?