Moore Says No Change to Arts Cuts

The Canadian Press reports that new Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore says that the government has no intention of reversing its controversial art funding cuts.


  1. Ok I’ve read the article. So what he’s saying is basically “God has spoken; live with it.” where god’s name is, apparently, Stephen.

  2. The Conservatives would be stupid to reverse the cuts now after they’ve already paid the price for it in the last election.

  3. What price?
    They’re still on the government side of the House.

  4. Moody in Moore Town says:

    Makes perfect sense.
    Of course, redirecting money from the Arts to the Olympic Torch Relay (TM) makes sense. As Moore says, the relay will highlight the Arts. For example, it will bring huge attention to Vancouver’s grand monument to governmental mismanagement and mystery named the Olympic Village (TM), a magnificent example of modern mixed media miscalculation (with apologies to Rex Murphy).