B.C. Police Arrest Man For Pirating DVDs

B.C. police have arrested a man engaged in the production and sale of infringing DVDs.


  1. While…
    While I’m totally on board for the fair copyright fight, I don’t get upset when people are selling bootleg dvds for profit. Especially when they’re of movies that don’t exist (transporter 4?)

  2. er…
    arrested for selling bootlegs for profit. Although anyone dumb enough to buy transporter 4 deserves what they get (Rick Astley concert bootleg perhaps?)

  3. Peter Griffin says:

    1) whatever he did decide to burn for people its already widely available in most cases (save transporter 4 wtf typo).

    2) He may just be charging for the blank disc or the bandwidth we dont know. I’ll wait to hear his side of the story before I believe this.

    Screw the MPAA dont give in to these extortionists police/judges.

  4. Dwight Williams says:

    No sympathy for organiized copyright breakers
    This kind of nonsense, no honest copyright holder should have to endure, whatever we think of their behaviour on other issues.

  5. His motives are not the point
    What’s significant is that this occurred under existing law, which says that existing law is sufficient and we don’t need more stringent regulation like ACTA

  6. I probably know the guy
    Good for him! Now we need a million more until the industry surrenders and meets the public’s demands.

  7. “infringing DVDs”
    I’m pretty sure it’s the “production and sale” that is infringing and not the DVDs. Copyright is someone’s sole right to do something (reproduce etc.); DVDs don’t do any of those things.

  8. Stupid but ya can see it happening more and more
    so what ya know why he exists is becoase the price models of the big 4 are sooo out of touch wiht relaity that it actually promotes this kind of behaviour.

    When they meet that pirates price then there wont be any more of it.

  9. This is the kind of piracy that can actually hurt media industries. Buying crappy bootlegs (or good bootlegs) does divert people’s actual entertainment dollars away from producers.

    Now, if we could just get recording industries to focus on guys like this and forget about filesharing, fewer people would hate the recording industries.