Canadian Press on a Canadian Pirate Party

With the Pirate Party popularity spreading in Europe, the Canadian Press covers attempts to establish a similar party in Canada.


  1. POUTINE Party?
    How about calling it the POUTINE Party? Public Open Universal Transmission Internet Neutral Electorate…or something like that. It works in both official languages!

  2. ForTheLoveofMusicSetItFree says:

    Why would they ask the Canadian recording industry what they think of a political party? Is that supposed to balance the story? They get their 2 cents in every time the govt launches any kind of copyright legislation and yet an independent political party cant even have their own media release without the shills getting a word in.

    Donating ASAP .. Robert from Regina.. Excellent remarks, at least they were fair to you.

  3. Sébastien Duquette says:

    For those interested, a website has been put up at . There’s no content at the moment but there is a forum.

  4. Michael Geist for Prime Minister!
    Who else thinks that Mr. Geist here would make an excellent leader for the Pirate Party of Canada?! You’d have my vote!

  5. Geist for PM
    absolutely! he definately has my vote, and he would bring a degree of professionalism to the party, proving we are not unreasonable people

  6. micheal geist would have a red carpet rolled out for him :3
    every article posted here is linked on the forum or chat.