Search Engine on the Conference Board of Canada’s Plagiarized Reports

TVO's Search Engine has a great podcast on last week's events on the Conference Board of Canada's plagiarized IP reports, including an interview with CEO Anne Golden. Jesse Brown pushes Golden to respond not only to the plagiarism, but the concerns about bias as well.


  1. Mind Blowing says:

    Tete a Claques – Head Slapper
    WOW she says about Prof DeBeer:
    “well that was an original quote by professor what’s his name”.
    And goes on about Prof. DeBeer, “he obviously feels miffed that his own report wasn’t given credibility”


    The rest of whatever her name is says is just a huge run-around. Twisting the interviewers questions around and skirting the questions.

    I get the feeling Prof DeBeer won’t be asked to write another IP report for these people. According to them, he isn’t credible or fits in with their biased agenda out to support American lobby group interests.


  2. Deny and harass…..
    Those accused of plagiarism will do everything in their power to deny their involvement or the involvement of their employees and contractors. They will fight back and attempt to shift all blame elsewhere. Even when, as in this case, the evidence is so clear that the Conference Board of Canada is guilty of plagiarism, there is still “pushback” from Ms. Golden. So far, according to a local blogger, it appears only one member of the Board of Directors, Dr. Toope, our UBC President, has displayed the honorable approach and communicated his disgust with the organization’s approach to creating published works. There are others on the Board who should do the same. Indeed, it has been reported that a western Canadian university was found to have plagiarized a section of graduate student’s PHD thesis for some commercialization/development project, but the President of that university denied all wrongdoing. Apparently, she went as far as to re-define plagiarism for her institution as only being possible in academic documents. If this were the case, the Conference Board of Canada could have used this unorthodox definition and refuse to withdraw the tainted documents. Amazing!!.

  3. Sal749493 says:

    Check out Curtis Cook’s comments at the end of this post. I find it very interesting and wish more people who worked for the board would chime in.

  4. Tete a Claques - Head Slappers says:

    ty Sal
    WOW. This reeks of conspiracy.

    Thanks for pointing this out Sal.

    Will more come forward?

  5. whats her name says:

    I can’t wait till “what’s her name” also says the researches coming forward are:

    “obviously feeling miffed that their reports weren’t given credibility” and that’s why it had to be plagiarized and injected with propaganda from the cartel lobby groups funded by Canadian tax payers.

    I can’t wait! Its like a made in America soap opera (with Canadian Telco influence).

    I’m going to buy some popcorn and watch this play out.

    This has all the makings of a great made for TV (or p2p) CBC documentary.

  6. Ivana B. CEO says:

    Deny deny deny
    Anne Golden will deny her mother and will step on exhausted employees’ bodies to stay at the top. She will do whatever it takes to keep her very cushy job.