Vuze Study Finds P2P Users Are Hollywood’s Best Customers

Vuze has released a new survey it commissioned that found that P2P users attend more movies, rent more movies, and purchase more DVDs than general Internet users (hat tip: Ars Technica).

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  1. Bob Cheeseman says:

    And your point is?
    One would suspect that illegal gun owners buy more bullets than non gun owners, but I’m not sure that makes it a good thing.

  2. Re: And your point is?
    That isn’t a very legiminate comparison.

  3. society vs industry says:

    Re:Re: And your point is?
    It’s only a bad thing to the general public, illegal guns (illegal implies criminal, but not all owners of illegal guns, or anything else for that mater, intend to use them for bad things, for example illegal marriage can be underaged or just interracial, interfaith, or gay marriage depending on the law of the land. It doesn’t mean the law is always right.) and to much TV. But the arms dealer(and every one in it’s supply line, including fully legal arms factory and banks that lend out the savings) loves it. And I guess the intended consumer of the survey is media companies, not people who are against guns/media.

  4. Re: Re:…
    While I admit that I am contributing to a even more off-topic discussion, what the devil is an illegal gun? In Canada we have prohibited weapons (not allowed to be owned such as artillery pieces, automatic weapons and assault rifles), restricted weapons (such as handguns) and non-restricted weapons such as long rifles and shotguns. Ignoring the handgun and long gun registries issues, what is an illegal gun? A prohibited weapon?

    It is possible to do illegal acts with a legally possessed gun. For instance, hanging around on a street corner with a handgun in your purse or pocket (or if stupid enough, tucked in to your waistline) is illegal, stopping at Timmy’s for a double-double on your way to the pistol range is illegal, even if both handguns are otherwise properly registered.

    I have to agree with Eric, however. One of the pieces of misinformation being pushed is that the reason for the fall-off is profits of the recording companies and the studios is that the advent of P2P has stopped people from buying their product, since they can get it for free on the web. Since the Vuze study shows that this is false. The very people who are supposed to be not buying are in fact the largest customers. The equivalent using Bob’s gun example would be that non-gun owners are buying ammunition and are the largest single source of sales; they are not supposed to be customers but in fact are buying.

  5. Vaudevillian says:

    Hey I download movies constantly. The ones I like go on my list to buy. The ones I dont like… Well I dont even watch the full movie. 400+ movies and counting, I dont download screeners. Screeners suck big time, I will wait for rips.

    There are several movies I own now that I would never have considerd buying if it were not for torrents or streaming sites.

    But no if the fat cats want to stop this, they are stopping me from buying movies I might not have bought in the first place.