Canada Shedding Reputation as Illegal Camcording Haven

CP reports on declining numbers of illegal camcords being traced to Canada with some claiming that it is a result of new anti-camcording legislation.

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  1. If they’d fix potholes this fast
    I think their main problem was solved when they busted “maVen” in Montreal. Maven was known for making the most high quality “Cams” but he also used direct audio. I think he was the main reason Canada got the “Camcording Haven” title. His high quality “productions” really rubbed the MPAA the wrong way and the PR machine sprung into action, luckily for maVen the new (over-the-top) laws didn’t come into effect until after he was arrested. Now people can go to jail for upto 2 years for “caming” a movie (However, should the persons actions be considered part of a commercial operation, the term jumps to five years and could include forfeiture of assets.) Its amazing to me how fast lobbyists can introduce and pass a new law that solves a problem that could have been dealt with with better policing of existing laws.