EU Wants Full Access To Canadian Procurement in CETA

Embassy reports on leaked European documents on the latest round of talks in the Canada – EU Trade Agreement.  The documents reveal that the EU is seeking full access to Canadian procurement at the national, provincial, and local levels.  The documents also indicate that a consolidated text is due by March 26th with the next round of negotiations scheduled for April 19 – 23rd in Ottawa.


  1. Darryl Moore says:

    Fair enough.
    Well, that is sort of what a trade agreement is suppose to be about. I haven’t RTA, but I assume such access would be reciprocal which would be a good thing for Canadian exporters. Theirs is a much bigger market than ours.

  2. Could be good
    I would like to hear more about what Canada is asking for. All the countries subsidising their farmers like there is no tomorrow are massively in debt. Now would seem like a good time to try and get those subsidies eliminated. Never going to happen though. The good news on this though is that the Europeans are much farther down the read on open standards and open source software so if they were bidding on government contracts they might be more likely to suggest them as solutions. That helps every one.