France & Italy Fear U.S. Retaliation over ACTA Transparency

IDG covers the latest Dutch leak that reveals the transparency position of many ACTA participants.  Particularly telling is the view that both France and Italy favour greater transparency, but fear U.S. retaliation.


  1. Hmmm… If all the non-US countries in these negotiations all came out unified in favour of transparency, you really think the US would “retaliate”? Just a thought…

  2. @Eric L.
    The US probably would, but not necessarily at the ACTA talks. Other vehicles, such as numerous bi-lateral treaties, TR301, etc, are also available.

    The US seems to have forgotten the carrot and stick method of negotiations, instead focussing on the stick.

  3. Why would anyone be worried about US retaliation? What are they? The “bully” of the world? They are in record deficits, no one should be listening to the US especially after the global economy tanked due to loop holes in US law! I say if they retaliate towards other countries, maybe Canada should put a reminder into the US that we are their main source of Oil here in Canada, maybe that reminder too should go to the US copyright lobby, and the 301 list!

  4. Dwight Williams says:

    Thanks to Tom Brokaw…
    …they’ve just recently gotten that reminder about the oil angle.