Telus To Offer DRM-Free Music

Telus has announced that it will become the first Canadian wireless carrier to offer DRM-free music that can be easily moved between devices.

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  1. And …?
    Wow… I’m impressed. No, not really. So the price is $1.29 for new stuff and $0.30 to upgrade DRM to non-DRM songs. This reminds me of iTunes. No attempt at differentiating themselves in the marketplace. No attempt at leading, only a half hearted attempt at preventing someone else from laying claim to money that they want to keep for themselves. They obviously don’t understand the market because they use the phrase “Pay Per Use” instead of what they have elsewhere on the site “Pay Per Download”. Why would I want to pay $1.29 “per use” for a song? Their music player still calls itself “SDC DRM Media Player” and you still need to be a Telus customer. So, they have you as a Telus customer and they are giving you the same thing that everyone else gives you.

    Yeah, great deal.