USTR: ACTA Fears Based on Misconceptions

The USTR won't reveal ACTA, but it claims that fears associated with the still-secret treaty are based on "misconceptions."


  1. Lying Corporate Assholes!
    ’nuff said!

  2. Not convinced.
    Full disclosure of everything they don’t want to tell is required here.

  3. LOL
    Maybe there wouldn’t be “misconceptions” if there was transparency, FFS.

  4. Michael Dundas says:

    Oh right, I forgot we are suppose to trust them that they are looking out for the consumer’s best interest. 😉

  5. @Michael Dundas
    You forgot that they are not only looking out for the consumer’s best interest, but also the artist’s best interest! 😉

    The issue I suspect is that, while there may not be much to fear from the perspective of the US citizen (after all, it sounds like they are going after the same draconian measures that are employed in the US), they forget that not everyone in the world is a slave to the interests of the US recording industry.

    Look at it this way. The US recording industry has been trying over the years to establish global dominance through purchasing music publishers in various countries around the world. However, they’ve been unable to use this to buy the politicians in order to legislatively create an environment friendly to their own interests. So they’ve apparently taken on the tactic of getting the US government to do it for them through the use of the treaty mechanism.