New ACTA Leaks: IP Categories and Border Measures

Another day, another ACTA leak.  There were two yesterday: KEI posted text from the general definition section of the draft to demonstrate the treaty goes well beyond counterfeits, while Le Monde Diplomatique posted details on the border measures chapter.

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  1. Strawman Govt says:

    Selling us out
    If you read the text you find numerous references made about Canada asking for draconian border measures. Is this what we said or asked for in the consultation? No it isn’t. What’s happening is that the consultation will be used to rubber stamp these negotiations.

    We need to get rid our govt who is complicit with these crooks, install someone who has a spine (sadly this isn’t going to happen) and get out of ACTA now.

    Our “representatives” are selling us out and it is plainly documented!

    The US, Canada and New Zealand then propose that, for each intercepted cargo, information shall be given to the IPR holder stating the “names and addresses of the consignor, importer, exporter, or consignee, and (…) a description of the goods, the quantity of the goods, and, if known, the country of origin and name and addresses of producers of the goods”.

    Basically they want border guards to do more than protect Canada’s anti-competitive agriculture industry, they want border guards to unintelligently attempt to enforce some semblance of civil law at the border even though they have no clue about IP. Do we expect the Canadian Border guards to read the GPL? No. So why are they going to read other software licenses?

    This is horrible and our govt is complicit in this dubious and clandestine operation.