Van Loan: Canada Supports Release of the ACTA Text

A spokesperson for International Trade Minister Peter Van Loan has confirmed yet again the Canadian position on ACTA: "Canada supports the release of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement text at the earliest possible opportunity. Canada cannot release the negotiating text until there is consensus to do so among the [ACTA] partners."


  1. There already is a majority consensus among ACTA partners to releases the text publicly. Where is the text?

  2. Well, there you have it. The politicians involved are spineless worms.

  3. Really? there’s no concensus?
    I would say something like: [insert local sware word] if you don’t want to release the text, i’m gonna release mine for it’s how we roll in Canada… if the USTR and the IPAA are aggainst it well they can go …….. themselves.

    PS: and THAT is why i’m not in politics… oh and Leo-Paul Lauzon’s most recent colum in the montreal’s Metro(newspaper, not the supermarket nor the subway) talks about the fact that Canadian politicians are spineless cowards…

    PPS: I wish we had more coverage of all of this [insert favorite biologic garbage here] about copyright and and the almost open war that the IPAA does aggainst their customers… but unfortuatly Quebec’s media are… errrm in the IPAA’s pocket.