Clement: Copyright Bill Before the Summer

The Wire Report reports that Industry Minister Tony Clement has confirmed that the government plans to introduce a new copyright bill before the summer recess.  Clement also commented on ACTA, stating that it is his position that "whatever comes out of ACTA has to be compliant with our laws."


  1. Odieandsimba says:

    “whatever comes out of ACTA has to be compliant with our laws.”

    I suspect this means the new copyright bill will be ACTA compliant.

  2. Who is he kidding? He doesn’t have enough time to draft a bill. We got, what … 2 or 3 prorogues until the summer break.

  3. Already made
    It would not take long to simply modify C-61. I’m assuming he’s banking on the idea that the last bill failed because of the premature closing of parliament, and not because it failed the public in almost every way. He’ll probably just change the language a bit, the parts that had a lot of criticism, and then release that. Somehow though, I get the feeling the only criticism he’s going to have listened to is that of people such as Barry Sookman. In other words, get ready for a protest.

  4. Dwight Williams says:

    Speaking of protest infrastructure
    The Facebook groups are still in play, right?

  5. Anti ACTA
    This would be political suicide and probably cause an election. Then it would be made an election issue and force the information into complete public view for the world to see.