The Consolidated Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement Leaks

After weeks of slow ACTA leaks, today the final major leak occurred – the entire consolidated text, updated to mid-January, has been posted online.  Although this is not the most updated version, when combined with the earlier leaked table on the Internet and civil enforcement chapters (which include changes from the January Mexico meeting), the complete current ACTA text is now publicly available. 


  1. Yatta !
    Open Sourced !

  2. Ciaran O'Riordan says:

    I’m typing a plain text version of the PDF scans

  3. says:

    Let’s get this out there
    We’ve got a window of opportunity now to really raise awareness of this, let’s take full advantage of this. Ciaran, that’s awesome.

  4. What Planet Are These Idiots On?
    I’ve been reading through the leaked document and it reads more like a compensation agreement than an anti-copyright treaty.

    I can not imagine any democratic countries even coming close to ratifying the document for legalizing extortion and the removal of personal/human rights and liberties so those fat greedy media bastards get paid up front while all the “enforcement” of their precious IP ends up cost the taxpayers.

    The ideas seeded in this document are pure and simple greed driven by a powerful evil.

  5. How can we help
    Michael ..

    I have read the leaked text, all 56 pages. All I can say is, amazing. Can you post a list of meaningful actions individuals can take to help.

  6. Scott Deagan says:

    They’re doing the same here in Europe
    Here in Europe 27 members of European Parliament thought is was ok to secretly negotiate ACTA on behalf of 500 million EU citizens –

    This non-disclosure is a direct violation of the Lisbon Treaty, yet no parliamentary disciplinary action is being taken against these MEPs. Why?

    Here in the UK we’re still fighting the Digital Economy Bill – something that the House of Lords have passed and that will now be rushed through into legislation using the very undemocratic “wash-up” process (where it, a 20,000 word Bill, will be nodded through by party whips in about 90 minutes).