NZ ACTA Meeting Agenda Leaks: Time for Crime, Not Much For Transparency

The draft agenda for the upcoming New Zealand ACTA meeting has leaked along with information on negotiating venue and other logistical details.  The agenda commits a full day for each of border measures, Internet enforcement, criminal measures, and civil enforcement.  The final day – the meeting is a record five full days – includes 90 minutes for transparency related issues.  There is no time scheduled for the various institutional issues that have been the subject of leaked information over the past week.

The leak also includes details on the talks themselves.  While the NZ government refused to disclose the location of the talks, the leak indicates that they will be held at the Intercontinental Hotel.  Moreover, a meeting between negotiators and ACTA stakeholders is planned for the evening of Tuesday, April 13th.


  1. It’ll be interesting to see how this may end up getting tied into the Health Care debate in the US. We may end up with a political revolution world wide. Many of my American friends are very concerned right now that their voices were not heard during last nights votes. I think if the people that are negotiating ACTA don’t respect the voice of the people for transparency, they could be trouble politically. It’ll be interesting to see what comes of the American Heath Reform if Americans voices were not heard last night. Politicians should be keeping a close eye on that down there. Same could happen with ACTA but more on a global scale.

    In a democracy, it’s the people that decide on issues. It’s not the time that matters, it’s what’s produced out of these talks. If we don’t have transparency after the April meetings, than this fight will mobilize politically at home and abroad. Politicians such as Van Loan, could end up paying a political price at the polls if we don’t end up with transparency and public debate on ACTA.

  2. Chris Brand says:

    stakeholder meeting
    I guess we lowly citizens who will be affected by ACTA should expect our invitation any day, then ?

  3. Darryl Moore says:

    Not at all like health care.
    Oh please don’t tie ACTA to the American health care debate.

    ACTA is an example of what happens when corporate interests usurp society’s, and individual citizens’. The US health care debate and the vote yesterday is an example of what can happen DESPITE the lobbying efforts of corporate interests. They are in a lot of ways, the exact opposite!

    Frankly I’m glad the Americans have finally made this single baby step into the 21st century. Hopefully they will see that there are no boogie men and step fully into the current century and join the rest of the first world in having universal health care for all its citizens.

  4. What happend today at the stakeholders meeting?
    Does anybody have an idea what happened today at the stakeholders meeting of the EU? They supposed to webcast the meeting, but I couldn’t get it working and they did not offer a replay. I mailed the people at the EU if they would post the video, but haven’t heard from them yet.

  5. Who Said You’re a Stakeholder
    Shut up and pay!

    You’re just a lowly consumer.

    Fuckin’ near a animal to these assholes!