U.S. Court Sides With Artist in Royalty Dispute, Record Label Vows To Fight

The WSJ reports on a legal battle between Eminem and Universal Records over royalties due for downloads from iTunes.  The court sided with the artist, which would result in a significantly higher royalty rate.  The music label has vowed to fight the decision.


  1. Bill MacEachern says:

    Clearly, you’re confused
    The labels have repeatedly said that they are fighting *for* the artists, not against. You must have misheard them 😉

  2. Pray-tell that the artist should actually receive any renumeration for their creations? 0_o

    UGH!! Makes me want to pop every media company executive in the nose!

    OK, all you artists out there who blindly repeat the blather the **AA gives you talking notes for .. WAKE UP!

    Do not sign any more contracts with them, self promote yourself with many of the indie music site tools. it’s the future .. run with it.

  3. It’s about time!

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