Independent ISPs Speak out on UBB

The Canadian Network Operators Consortium, which represents dozens of independent ISPs, have written to Industry Minister Tony Clement to ask the government to refer the CRTC’s UBB decision back to the Commission for review. The letter notes:

Under section 12 of the Telecommunications Act, the Governor in Council can within one year of any CRTC decision on its own motion, by order, vary, rescind the decision or refer it back to the CRTC for reconsideration of all or a portion of it. For these reasons we are asking you to urge your fellow Cabinet members to ask the Governor in Council, of its own motion, to refer the UBB Decisions back to the CRTC for reconsideration in accordance with the pro-competitive principles described above.


  1. Just a reminder says:

    Just a reminder that someone lets lobbyists through the door,Tony&sortorder=date_sub&page=3

    If you click through the pages you’ll find both Bell and Rogers on there. As well as Quebecor (SUNTV/SUN/Kory Tennecke’s friends) (who got his ear a lot for some reason, I don’t know why).

  2. Finally …
    This just goes to show that once Canadians realize the extent to which they are being gouged big business that they CAN stand up and make a difference.

    Now if only C-32 makes it onto the public radar we might continue to get somewhere.

    *** Of course the fact that we are getting close to a federal election might have something to do with the CPCs recent love for the consumer 😉

  3. wellthisstinks says:

    i think i have simple solution
    The liberals are in bed with big businesses, while harper and the so called conservatives french kissed those greedy bastards.

    I think the simple solution to elect those people out of office.

    I going to phone Charlie Angus and tell him we should call in early election. Emergency election, i am going to spread the word. Vote those bastards out of office.