The iPod Tax, the iTunes Tax and the Notepad Tax

Ariel Katz has a great post on the iPod Tax (“the Tories’ claim is not factually accurate”) and other copyright taxes, including the iTunes tax and the Notepad tax.

One Comment

  1. This campain disgust me….
    The Conservatives countinues to spread lies and mis-informations to try to get a majority…

    When they get said majority, I can be sure of one thing:
    Canada will wilther and will have a crappy echonomy.
    Canada’s culture will be decimated(Quebec’s culture might survive… barely)
    Canada’s internet will similar to China’s internet(aka: massive unregulated spying, probably with a law that might ban encryption)
    Oh and Canadians will have to pay 2$ EACH time they want to transfer music to their iPods…

    See I can make fearmongering too!
    *sigh* With conservatives, we will never have a clean election… and people still vote for the same idiots(all parties, not just PCC).