Canada May [Not] Be Signing ACTA This Weekend – UPDATED

Contrary to reports that Canada will be signing the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement this weekend, that may not be the case.  I asked the Department of Foreign Affairs for an update and received the following statement:

Canada has demonstrated our commitment to working with the international community to develop effective tools to protect and enforce intellectual property rights. Canada is one of 36 countries that participated in the negotiations leading to the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. We are currently working to complete the processes necessary to prepare for signing the ACTA.

Canada clearly intends to sign ACTA, but perhaps not this weekend.

Update: Minister Ed Fast has issued a release that he is visiting Japan this weekend to sign some international trade agreements. That sure sounds like Canada will be signing this weekend after all.


  1. Boo! Hiss!

  2. international obligations
    So I wonder when the next copyright bill will be tabled after C-11… its coming.

    Canada will have to fulfill their ‘international obligations’, read ACTA.

  3. LOL. Very useful. Like it was the Japanese counterfeiting Canadian products and now we fixed that.

    Hey guys – good luck with getting China sign and enforce.

    Nap. 🙂

  4. Dear government…..
    … can you name 10 Canadian products worth counterfeiting?

    I addition, can you name 5 of these products that were actively being counterfeit in one of the ACTA signing countries?

    If not, then can you explain the usefulness of signing it?


  5. Sold out
    and even now more secrecy regarding ACTA. Why? Because all this copyright-lobby stuff is getting a bit uncomfortable, and needs to be kept out of any kinds of public exposure.

    The “typewriters” will die out, sooner or later, to be replaced by the early “home computer” generations, the “Internet” generation and the current “wireless mobile” generation. At least these will know more about the subject matter through personal experience. The Typewriters generally do not have a clue.

    Any treaty, be it Berne, UCC, TRIPS or ACTA, can be rescinded if there is enough support for it (ideally coinciding with the signing of a new treaty that keeps the good parts only). The problem is having someone or something to rally behind.

  6. Stop signing your own comments Napalm
    Everyone can see that it is you who is posting. STOP signing “Nap” at the bottom of your posts It’s so annoying! Although I suspect if you’re doing that, you are likely to self-absorbed to stop!

  7. Fast pulling a fast one. Big surprise.

    Cons being con…artists. Another big surprise.