Government Introduces Omnibus Crime Bill Without Lawful Access Provisions

The government is introducing its omnibus crime today and it appears that the lawful access provisions will not be a part of it. The Department of Justice release includes no reference to the lawful access bills. While there is every reason to believe lawful access will be introduced some time in the future, excluding them from the crime bill will provide more time for review and committee hearings.


  1. Something smells fishy…

  2. Quite fishy… I have a hard time believing somebody in the government stopped and thought “oh hey, this may not be right.”

  3. No Wait …
    Could the government be listening? Really?

    I suspect it may be tabled in conjunction with the copyright bill, a double whammy just for effect 😉

  4. Normally I agree with you Crockett… but yowch that’d be a rough day if that’s what they end up doing… and I’ll blame you for giving them the idea 😉

  5. Let’s see the text of the bill…
    …and then we’ll know for sure if “lawful access” isn’t hiding in the “tall grass” of the bill’s language.

  6. Joe: One possibility, perhaps mentioned out of a spirit of naivete here…that someone pointed out that the same provisions – if passed into law – might survive the Conservatives’ reign and, if so, could someday be used against the Conservatives’ political allies.

  7. So the possiblity of covering their own (and friends’) butts is a reason? Not that surprising really.

  8. anonymous - for now says:

    Don’t break out the champagne yet!!
    “This is not the end; this is just the beginning of our efforts in this regard,”
    — Justice Minister Rob Nicholson

  9. Give Openmedia their creds…
    Over 70,000 Canadians signed the STOP SPYING petition and it was building momentum the same way the STOP THE METER campaign did. These guys deserve the credit for educating so many people on digital issues. MG should offer them an interview or 10.

  10. Support your voice …
    Yes, got to love they are doing their job. I’ve made a few small donations to help with their operating costs in the past, if you like what they do maybe consider the same?

    Note: I am in now way affiliated with open, just think they are cool dudes 😉