Canadian ISP Sued for Handing Over Data to Thai Government

A U.S. citizen has filed a lawsuit against a Canadian ISP that shared his personal information with the Thai government.  Anthony Chai posted anonymous comments criticizing the royal family and now faces up to 15 years in prison for the comments.

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  1. Somewhat two-faced
    Although I do feel for Anthony Chai and do not believe that NetFirms should have handed over his information, I do have a problem with his lawsuit.

    His primary criticism is that NetFirms, a non-Thai company, handed over information to the Thai government when Anthony Chai believes that the Thai laws do not extend beyond the border of Thailand.

    So, he is suing NetFirms, a non-US company, saying that they violated US law. But the company is Canadian… why should they have followed US law?

  2. The bottom line is…
    What business did a Canadian company have in handing over the information?

    Are warrantless requests already being executed and honoured here?

  3. I agree with Gregg!
    Lets’ concentrate on the real issue: what gave the Canadian ISP the right to divulge personal information to the Thai authorities? The plaintiff has every right to sue the Canadian ISP for divulging private information without authorisation, and, as a proof of the abuse that is already going on, it should be enough to stop the Internet Spying Bill dead in its tracks.