Omnibus Crime Bill Coming on Tuesday

The government’s omnibus crime bill is on the order paper and will apparently be tabled on Tuesday. The bill will be closely watched to see if it includes the controversial lawful access provisions.


  1. Jerome Joseph says:

    how many times can they try?
    Why does the existing system in place allow the Government to keep trying to introduce Bills that are almost the same as the previous bills which failed to pass due to serious concerns? If i am not mistaken, both Federal and Provincial Privacy Commissioners raised concerns surrounding the introduction of these bills, on the grounds they did not appropriately protect the privacy of Canadian Citizens.

    I am scared when I think what Canada is going to be like in the next 5, 10 or 20 years

  2. Fun’s Over folks…this will be harsh.

  3. Welcome to the New World Order, where transnational corporations set the agenda for governments instead of its citizens.

    I seriously believe it is urgent for people to realize that the major corporations, who set the real agenda for governments, be recognized for the criminal organizations that they are, before they succeed enslaving (sorry, I meant ‘monetizing’) all of us, and those responsible in the government for literally selling us out, be held criminally accountable for stripping us of our democratic rights.

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