Copyright Board Sets Timing for Private Copying Levy

Howard Knopf reports that the Copyright Board has set the timing for the hearing on extending the private copying levy to electronic memory cards. The hearing is set for October 2012.


  1. I can’t believe this is even being considered. Makes me sick and certainly doesn’t fill me with any sympathy for copyright. It’s a blatant money grab on items that are RARELY used for the purpose for which they would be taxed. I’ll order all my memory from the US is this goes through.

    When will the charity stop? How do I get on that gravy train?

  2. I already order memory and optical media from the US…
    I think I’ve saved enough money to keep smoking!

  3. @IamME
    No disrespect intended, but if the Board can unilaterally reject a submission without taking the time to hear any arguments, based purely on the opinion of the Board members, then what would prevent them from doing this with something that you want? This has to go both ways. As such, while I may not agree with the proposal, I can’t fault them for scheduling a hearing.